What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. These are just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked have to say.

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“There are no words to truly describe how much we appreciate Matt, Lee and the Fair Cash Home Buyer team! We can’t say enough about how they all went above and beyond to buy my house cash so we could settle my parent’s estate. When Mom died we did not know how to sell a house fast, had no experience with probate real estate sales or how to sell my inherited house. My parents lived there for 41 years and it was FULL of stuff, outdated and needed maintenance so we decided to sell my inherited property in as-is condition.

My siblings and I live out of state, so the task of interviewing realtors, home investors who buy houses for cash and evaluating all of the variables and choices for selling a house fast were overwhelming to say the least! The day after we accepted Matt’s offer to buy my house cash, Matt and Debra arranged to have all of our family heirlooms, antiques and keepsakes that each of my siblings and family had identified they wanted to keep, professionally packed and moved to a climate controlled storage so we did not have to come back to Denver again before the closing.

Matt told he and his company were dedicated to “making a positive difference in people’s lives with fair, honest reliable business practices and always doing the right thing for everyone involved”. Matt and his professional team made a huge difference for our family and we are forever grateful! Thank you Everyone!”

Mike B.                                    Des Moines, IA


“Finding ourselves in significant credit card debt and college expenses for our daughter, it occurred to us that we had the solution to pay off our bills right in front of us… a rental property with a low mortgage!

I contacted Lee with Fair Cash Home Buyers to see if they were interested. After a quick visit to the house, Lee made us a good offer to buy my house cash just the way it was, based on current market value and condition. Even though we had a long time renter occupying the house a short time later we had a check in hand!

Selling your house cash is a seamless process and did not involve a realtor, paying for commissions, closing costs, appraisals or inspection issues.  Lee and the Fair Cash Home Buyers team made this a very pleasant and lucrative experience! We would recommend them to anyone for any real estate situation!”

Ted and Margaret T.                          Denver, CO


“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Matt and Fair Cash Home Buyers! When my 59 year old husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer and shortly after was not able to continue to work, we knew we did not have sufficient insurance or savings to cover the bills that kept rolling in and we were in financial trouble!

We had bought a few rental properties and inherited a couple from his father but they were not in very good condition. We “Googled” home investors who wanted to buy houses for cash and called the letters we had received that year from people who buy homes for cash. We felt very lucky when Matt came to us with a good offer to buy 1 house and a duplex right away, so we could pay the mounting medical bills and get Ron the care he needed!

Matt also gave us contracts to buy all of the 5 remaining properties for a fair price at any time we needed to sell with no inspections, repairs, commissions or closing costs. We did sell 2 more properties to them over the 3 years before Ron passed. Matt and Fair Cash Home Buyers’ compassion, experience and fair business practices helped Ron live his last years in comfort and dignity and helped me keep some of our rental properties for income after Ron passed! My family and I are forever grateful!”

Trudy O.                                  Arvada, CO


“My uncle Charlie raised me and my sister after mom died of cancer. When he died we inherited over $109,000 of outstanding debt and an outdated house full of stuff with rusted cars and car parts everywhere! We needed to sell before the reverse mortgage foreclosed or the creditors forced me to sell my inherited house but we did not know how to sell a house fast for a fair price. I didn’t know what to do and started searching the internet for home investors willing to buy houses for cash in our neighborhood. We interviewed 4 other home investors but they all seemed to have their own agenda and wanted to pay less than the home was worth.

When we met with Jay from Fair Cash Home Buyers, we knew right away that he was being very honest about our situation, he clearly explained our options, even the ones he couldn’t help us with. When he told us in detail how they would buy my house cash, I knew he would do it and he did. We accepted Jay’s great offer, closed on time and the whole process went exactly like he said it would.

We appreciate Jay and everyone at Fair Cash Home Buyers and Fidelity Title Company for helping us deal with all of the liens and creditors and making a very stressful situation so much easier. Forever Grateful!

Tonia D. and Abigail N.                                   Raleigh, NC


“Thank You” is not enough to express our gratitude for the professional service and results we received from Lee and the Fair Cash Home Buyers team! My wife was in a head-on collision and the specialists said she needed long term treatment with the best specialist in the country, who lived in Dallas, TX. We had just remodeled our house with a second mortgage and had very little equity so it was not a good time to sell my house. We also had a rental property in rough condition but some equity.

We talked with several realtors and home buyers looking to buy houses for cash and everyone told us the same thing… no equity or they made an offer well below what we owed. The minute we met Matt and Jay we knew they were different! They took the time to ask a lot of relevant questions to find out exactly what we were trying to accomplish and the obstacles we had to overcome. They proposed a very fair Contract for Deed offer, gave us money in hand and closed our transaction in 5 days just like they promised!

Once we were settled in Dallas and I had a new job, we also sold the rental property to Fair Cash Home Buyers for a good price. My wife is now walking again and we could not have done it without Matt and Jay!”

John and Patricia M.                                       Colorado Springs, CO


This letter is to express my thanks for the services extended to me by Matt and his team at Fair Cash Home Buyers! When my mother passed I knew it was time for me to move to South Dakota to help my sister and her husband who had a spinal disease, but I didn’t know exactly what to do with my house and the 4 condominiums my parents had been renting for 22 years. The management company had neglected to maintain them properly and they were in rough shape.

I have met many realtors and investors during my 20 years of public practice representing clients as their real estate consultant and CPA. These experiences helped me recognize depth-of-knowledge, honesty and integrity and I appreciated all of these traits in Matt and the dedication of the entire Fair Cash Home Buyers Team.

Matt listed my house with Metro List and it sold quickly for top dollar in the neighborhood! He paid a fair cash price for all 4 units with no repairs, commissions or closing costs, worked with my tenants and closed each contract on time as agreed. I highly recommend working with Matt in any situation life brings your way!

Raymond T.                            Spearfish, SD


“My husband and I were in the middle of a divorce and needed to quickly sell my house and 2 rental houses that were not in good shape and in a tough neighborhood we used to live in. Realtors told us we needed to do a lot of repairs that we did not have the money for, not knowing how to sell a house fast, I started searching the internet for cash house buyers. We interviewed several investors that did not seem to be very experienced or have the money to pay cash. We decided to work with Matt because of his sincerity and experience, even though 2 other home investors were offering a little more money, and because we knew Matt was honest with us about all the options we had and we could rely on him to do what he said he would do. Matt and Fair Cash Home Buyers did exactly what they promised and everything worked out for us. They made a very tough emotional situation much easier than expected and I would recommend them to anyone who needs to sell quickly to honest, reliable cash home buyers.”

Holly R and Toby K.                                       Denver, CO


“I am so grateful I met with and decided to work with Fair Cash Home Buyers! They were honest, responsive and gave me a very fair offer.  When I decided to sell my house, I spoke to four other home investors who buy houses for cash and I didn’t feel comfortable with any one of them.  One home investor actually gave me a slightly higher price but he seemed like he was new to real estate and was just telling me what I wanted to hear.

When I met with Matt, everything he said made sense and I felt very comfortable when he explained in detail how he would buy my house cash. I’m so glad I decided to go with Matt and his company to help me sell my inherited house. He cared so much he even helped me move since my family was out of state. Thank you Matt and Fair Cash Home Buyers!!!”

Suzanne                                               Lakewood, CO

“When my sister and I inherited my brother’s house we did not know anything about probate real estate sales or how to sell my inherited house. He had filled every room with “stuff” and did not maintain the property so we knew selling house fast without spending a lot of money and time working on it while driving back and forth from Denver to Castle Rock. He had a mortgage on the home that had not been paid for months. We did not know how to sell my house fast and a friend of the family recommended we talk with Matt, who’s company liked to pay cash for houses to remodel and sell. When we met with Matt, we knew he was very honest and we could count on him to buy my house cash without any complications and stress.  He gave us a good offer the day we met and we closed on the property without spending any more time, money or energy on it. Before closing, Matt even helped us find movers, estate companies and good organizations to donate the usable stuff my brother had collected. We have recommended Matt and Fair Cash Home Buyers to everyone we know!”

Jenny S.                                                           Denver, CO

“After my wife passed I decided to sell my house cash and accept a job transfer back home to Pennsylvania. I am very happy I found Matt and Fair Cash Home Buyers to buy my house cash and he bought 1 neglected, very outdated rental in Arvada and a vacant rental in Westminster.

We had just moved into my residence 1 year earlier, which was an out dated sweat equity project with very little equity. Matt gave me a very good offer to buy my house cash and even rented it back to me while I found a home to buy in Indianapolis. He also bought the 2 rental headaches for a fair price and worked with the tenants to help them find another home before he began remodeling the house for resale.

These 3 sales were the smoothest, most stress free real estate sales I had ever experienced in 38 years of buying and selling dozens of homes and rentals. I would recommend Matt and Fair Cash Home Buyers to anyone looking for an easy, fair probate real estate sale.

Robert V.                                             Aurora, CO